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Children's Orthodontics

Why Does My Child Need Orthodontic Treatment At Such a Young Age?

At a younger age, your child’s skeleton is still growing and flexible.

In other words, it means that serious orthodontic problems are easily corrected during this stage (called phase 1) in their development. We can help your child gain a bright smile by helping to prepare their mouth for when their permanent teeth grow in.

You want your child’s teeth to grow in as straight as possible, so you need to give enough space for their permanent teeth to grow in. The straighter they come in, the less chance their permanent teeth will become crooked again after their braces are off.

Normally from 12-14 years of age, complete braces are fitted for what is called the final alignment (or phase 2) and detailing of the bite. This part of treatment is usually easier and quicker on your child. This stage won’t happen until all of their permanent teeth are present, and usually lasts anywhere from 12-18 months.

Completing treatment in two phases really makes a difference in results. You also increase the chances of your child avoiding removing permanent teeth (tooth extraction), as well as jaw surgery.