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How to Prevent Cavities

Helping to prevent cavities is not hard if you incorporate simple daily routines.

Practice Good Oral Hygiene

For infants:
Until they are old enough to brush their teeth, use wet gauze or a clean washcloth to “brush” plaque from teeth and gums. If you put your child to bed with a bottle, make sure it contains only water. See Baby Bottle Tooth Decay to learn more.

For older children:
Help them brush their teeth twice daily and limit sugary snacks throughout the day.

Get Regular Dental Check-Ups
Beginning with your child’s first birthday, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends a visit to a pediatric dentist every 6 months. Keeping up with these visits will establish habits that will benefit your child’s dental health for years to come.

Consider Sealants
Your pediatric dentist can apply protective sealants to your child’s molars that prevent decay in those hard to clean surfaces. Your dentist may also recommend home fluoride treatments as an added protection.