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Instruments & Braces

Can You Wear Braces and Play Instruments?

When we receive braces, we are exposed to many limitations that we must follow for best results. However, not often talked about is the use of playing instruments while sporting braces. It’s a great question, too, because instruments can be an important aspect of someone’s life that our braces should not interfere with.

So, can I still play instruments even with braces in my mouth?

And an even better question people ask is will braces interfere with my ability to play notes with instruments?

The short answer: it depends on the type of instrument. Braces will not interfere with instruments such as drums where the mouth is not involved in playing the instrument.

However, if the mouth is involved such as with most brass or wind instruments, then interference may become an issue. Brass instruments such as the trumpet or tuba require an individual to place his or her lips directly on the instrument in order to play different notes. The interference occurs as a result of the braces pushing against the musician’s lips, causing discomfort.

Will this affect my performance?

For many, yes, traditional braces may affect their ability to perform in front of a live audience. But you shouldn’t panic because there is an orthodontic solution other than removing your braces: braces covers.

The Solutions: Braces Cover

A braces cover, which may also be called a brace protector or braces lip guard, is conveniently placed directly over your braces so that they no longer push against the lips. You may still feel a weird sensation in the mouth, but once you become accustomed to this feeling you won’t even notice the appliance in your mouth. This will restore your ability to play instruments without braces interference.

You should always consult with your orthodontist on the best solutions for any issues related to braces. If you have any further questions regarding the use of braces and instruments or other questions, please contact us.


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