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Foods to Avoid with Braces

Having braces means that your child needs to be more aware of what they eat. As a precaution, they should generally avoid foods that are chewy, hard or sticky.

Need something more specific? Here is a general list of foods your child should avoid when wearing braces:

•   Chewing gum
•   Popcorn
•   Hard taco shells
•   Hard and sticky candy
•   Nuts
•   Hard crackers or cookies
•   Hard chocolate

The following list of foods is ok, but make sure they are cut up to avoid any issues:

•   Fruit
•   Raw vegetables
•   French/Italian bread
•   Corn on the cob
•   Meat

If they get upset that they need to avoid certain foods, here’s a list of foods that are recommended:

•   Bananas
•   Yogurt
•   Cheese
•   Mashed potatoes
•   Melons
•   Pasta
•   Grapes

Eating an all-around healthy and nutritious diet is important for your child’s teeth. A healthy diet ensures that your child gets all the essential nutrients to their bones that are undergoing changes.