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Dental X-rays

Children’s Dental X-rays – We Offer Digital X-rays

X-rays are an integral part of your child’s diagnostic process. If they don’t get X-rays done, dental conditions will most likely be missed.

Our digital X-rays can help to detect cavities, evaluate erupting teeth, plan orthodontic treatment, and even diagnose bone diseases. Many of these conditions can’t necessarily be detected during an examination.

Most pediatric dentists ask that radiographs are done once a year. If your child has a high risk of tooth decay, it is usually recommended that they get an X-ray done every 6 months. Normally, every three years is when you should get a complete set of X-rays.

If you’re concerned about your child being exposed to radiation, don’t worry. Pediatric dentists will ensure every safety precaution is taken, so that there is a negligible amount of risk.

There will be lead body aprons to shield your child. Modern equipment only focuses the X-ray beam on the area needed, and can filter out any unnecessary X-rays. Your child will only get a minimal amount of radiation exposure.