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Appliance Care

Caring For Retainers

Like your child’s teeth, retainers need to be cleaned with toothpaste. All they need to do is brush gently, and be extra careful around their wires.

If they have a lower fixed retainer, they will also need to be careful when brushing the wire. They will also need to take extra time to brush the teeth around that area, as food can get stuck their more easily.

Here are some other pointers on keeping their retainer safe:

•  Ask them to avoid moving their retainer with their tongue, as this can damage their teeth.
•  When they are not wearing it, they should place the retainer in a plastic case.
•  Remind them to never wrap their retainer in a paper napkin as someone may think it’s garbage and throw it away.
•  Your child shouldn’t put their retainer in their back pocket. They may accidentally sit on it.