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Caring For Braces

Your orthodontist Henderson will show you and your child how to properly take care of their braces once treatment starts. It is really important that your child brushes their teeth properly because teeth with braces need more care.

For example, braces can trap food more easily. If any food gets stuck on your child’s braces, they can stain their teeth (often referred to as etching on the enamel). Worse yet, signs of gum disease may appear if food keeps collecting in your child’s teeth. What happens is that their gums will bleed and swell. The pressure on their gums will slow down any progress of treatment. Contact our orthodontist Henderson today if you have any questions or concerns about your braces!

Here are some simple guidelines for your child:

•   Brush your teeth 4-5 times a day
•   When brushing, brush back and forth between the wires and gums. Make sure food particles are removed from brushing.
•   After brushing the braces, brush teeth regularly, just like they would if they didn’t have any braces on.
•   After they’ve brushed their teeth, have them check in a mirror to see if they’ve missed any places. There should not be any bits of food or plaque on their teeth.
•   If their gums start to bleed, tell them not to stop. After days or so, their gums should stop bleeding.
•   Make sure to floss at least once a day. They will need to use a special floss threader.