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Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Mothers often find that it is easier to put their baby to sleep with a bottle in their mouth. Consistent exposure to sweet substances and consuming drinks apart from water can cause a serious damage to your child’s teeth. These types of drinks help to create a healthy environment for bacteria to thrive. When bacteria multiply around this area, they produce harmful acids that proceed to cause damage to the enamel on the teeth.

Drinks include:

•   Milk
•   Fruit juices
•   Formula
•   Breast milk
•   Other drinks with added sweeteners

This type of tooth decay spreads fast. You need to think carefully about what they put into your baby's bottle if they want to prevent or stop any issues. After every feeding, take a damp gauze pad or a washcloth and gently wipe the teeth and gums of your child’s mouth. Doing this helps to remove plaque. The best way to approach this is to have your child lay down on your lap, on the floor or dressing table while you clean their teeth and gums.

If you have to give your child a bottle to serve as a comforting tool during bed time, make sure it only contains water. If your child doesn’t like sleeping without the sweetened contents of the bottle, try gradually diluting the content with water and do so over a two or three week period.

Baby bottle tooth decay is easily preventable if you take careful measures to ensure your child’s dental health.